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  • Monday 11th May 2015

Gentlemen,..... and Alan and Mikey, 

A great days riding with a lot of banter and laughs as usual! 

Alan Blumenthal managed not to kill us with his burger cooking (purely down to the 'Little Green Egg' I'm sure), although I think he killed a couple of Berns, and has now been nicknamed the 'excavator'. 

Mikey 'The Machine' Hendrey was last seen walking like John Wayne after his lung busting/leg killing 5m climbing diversion back into the car park. 

Phil 'King Of The Drop Offs' conquered his fears of 6cm drops and has finally learnt how to securely fix bikes to the back of a Juggernaut. 

Paul 'The Little Big Green Egg BBQ' sales rep managed to gain yet more sales in the woodland car park (well, I think he was selling BBQs). 

The Ginger one yet again came trumps with Latex Gloves and Hand Sanitizer (oooooh er missus) and a few sketchy but stylish moments on the trail that can only be executed by a Talentless 'Strawberry Blonde'. 

And last but not least, we have our Trans Atlantic Cousin,...... with a 'trunk' loaded full (I mean the trunk of his vehicle) of Americas finest 'fat free' goodies, he ruled the trail on his steel stead, with no mechanicals, no punctures, plenty of freestyle line choices and no memory blips of when not to fully grab the front break. The new 'Troys' Tree Trunk Trail' will be unveiled within the next few weeks. 

An absolute pleasure gentlemen and can't wait until the next trip. 

P.S Troy, my fingers are stil cramped in the curled position, making bum wiping, nose picking and giving 'V's' a problem.


The one they call 'Tangerine Blush'

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