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  • Monday 9th February 2015

The Cateye Rapid Mini is all you could want from a commuter rear light: it's cheap, tough, easy to fit, and provides a good balance between visibility and run time.

For £24.99, the Rapid Mini will throw out a claimed fifteen lumens of power across four different modes. You get the standard constant and flashing modes, plus a subtle pulsing mode and a mode that should come with an epilepsy warning. Each of these are bright enough to feel safe (or as least as safe as is possible) on unlit roads at night, making the Rapid Mini ideal for anyone who commutes on more rural lanes. The side visibility is decent too, an important consideration for more urban usage.

Run time is very good for such a small, compact light. Testing showed that the Rapid Mini could be run for four hours on the constant mode, before it automatically reverted to flashing mode for a further five hours. This should be plenty to get most people through a week of commuting between charges.

Charging is done via an included micro-USB cable, though I'm sure most people will already have a drawer full of these things at home. This makes sourcing a replacement cable when lost or forgotten really easy – a big tick in the practicability box.

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Bright, practical, reliable and good value

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