• 01933 353 238

  • Thursday 12th February 2015

We are looking for someone who is thinking of doing our 80 Mile sportive,

But think they might need help.

We want to help and follow your progress through the whole experience.

What we will do for you;

  • Discount on a new bike if needed
  • Discount on accessories if needed
  • Free BG Bike fit
  • Free entry to the event (If already entered we will credit you back)
  • In store credit for training items
  • Use our GPS unit to track your training (This will be returned to us at the end)

We we want from you;

  • You to blog your training & keep us informed
  • Use our social media to record your progress
  • Feedback on products that we supply you
Please e-mail us with your cycling history.

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