Race Face Race Face Chester 35 Stem 40 x 0

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40 X 0
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Embrace the thrill of mountain biking with the Race Face Chester 35 Stem. Exquisitely designed for hardcore riders who prioritize durability over the lightest gear on the market. This robust stem has the legendary Race Face toughness ingrained into its design, ensuring it can withstand even the most challenging terrains and weather conditions.

The Chester 35 Stem is an exceptional blend of functionality and rugged strength. Forged and machined from robust 6061 aluminum, this stem assures improved longevity and resilience. Its practical design offers two length options, allowing you to customize according to your riding preferences.

Featuring an interlocking 4-bolt bar clamp, the Chester 35 stem reinforces your bar and dispenses loads away from the bolts and into the body, promoting a more secure and stable ride.

Whether you're an all-mountain rider, a downhill enthusiast, or a freerider, this stem is designed to cater to your riding style. With a comfortable rise of 0 degrees and a bar diameter of 35mm, it ensures optimal control and manoeuvrability on any trail. Weighing at just 170g, it won't weigh you down as you blitz through your trail.

Crafted by Race Face, a leader in the cycling industry, the Chester 35 stem is synonymous with reliability and efficiency. Turn your rides into a thrilling adventure with the Chester 35 Stem.

Note: Product available in the classic black colour. Please refer to product details for size information.

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