Trek 2023 FX 2 Disc Stagger

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Introducing the powerful, reliable, and classic step-through frame bicycle: the 2023 FX 2 Disc Stagger by TREK. Capable of covering a wide range of speeds reliably, this hybrid bike is perfect for fitness enthusiasts or daily commuters who need a reliable and versatile set of wheels. It comes loaded with accessible accessory mounts, and the premium disc brakes provide supreme stopping power in all types of weather.

Who Is It For?

This multi-purpose bike is perfect if you're after a single, reliable option for fitness rides, leisure cruises, or daily commuting. The superior all-weather stopping power of disc brakes will inspire added confidence on your cycling adventures.

Unique Technical Features

This beast comes equipped with a ultra-lightweight aluminium frame boasting an intuitive step-through geometry for easy mounting and dismounting. Experience the pinnacle of stopping power with cutting-edge hydraulic disc brakes, and a versatile 18-speed Shimano drivetrain that ensures you're never pedalling too hard or too soft. Plus, convenient accessory mounts make personalising your ride a breeze.

Why Choose the FX 2 Disc Stagger?

With its superior design, the FX 2 Disc Stagger stands out as a versatile hybrid bike that excels in a multitude of scenarios, whether it's high-octane training rides, tranquil trips to the market, or the rush of the morning commute. But what really sets it apart is the unparalleled all-weather stopping power of its disc brakes.

Key Features:

  1. Step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting.
  2. Compatible with DuoTrap S, allowing you to pair the bike with your smartphone and transfer ride data to your favourite fitness app.
  3. Internally routed cables for better protection and streamlined aesthetics.
  4. Bespoke accessory practice with racks, a kickstand, mudguards, lights and much more.
  5. Backed by Trek's lifetime warranty and supported by a comprehensive network of retail partners.

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