Trek 2024 Slash 9.8 XT Gen 6


Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

The TREK Slash 9.8 XT Gen 6 is engineered from the ground up to deliver exceptional performance on the most challenging enduro trails. Built with a high-quality OCLV Mountain Carbon frame, it offers superior strength, responsiveness, and resilience.

This bike is designed to tackle daunting descents with ease, thanks to its robust 170 mm high-pivot suspension that effortlessly absorbs bumps, enhancing your control and stability, even on the roughest terrains. Its combination of 29” front and 27.5” rear wheels ensures nimble handling and better maneuverability, no matter how tough the trails get.

Equipped with a high-spec RockShox suspension package, this bike can endure extreme conditions whilst delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. The Shimano XT drivetrain guarantees fast, seamless shifting so you can maintain your momentum on any trail.

If you're a rider who values the combination of power, precision, and hard-hitting agility, the Slash 9.8 XT is the bike for you. It features a high-pivot suspension for superior control, and specially tuned anti-squat and oversized pulleys for improved efficiency in pedaling. The 170mm front and rear suspension is perfect for tackling big jumps and navigating rocky terrains. The use of OCLV Mountain Carbon in the frame and wheels contributes to a lightweight yet highly sturdy bike.

Furthermore, the Slash 9.8 XT comes with an adjustable leverage rate so that you can tweak it to suit your riding style and the trail's conditions. It also comes equipped with a mixed wheel set-up, with the front wheel providing excellent roll over ability while the rear one ensures stability and agility. And when you want to ramp up the speed, you can transform this bike into a full 29er – offering you unparalleled versatility in your rides.

This bike's enhanced internal storage, composed of recycled materials, provides ample space and is user-friendly. The bike's high main pivot makes trail riding ultra-smooth by enabling the axle to move quickly as the suspension compresses, resulting in better momentum and traction.

With the Slash 9.8 XT, you can test your skills to the maximum and drive your performance to new heights. Experience the difference today.

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