Trek Supercaliber SLR Frame Set


The Supercaliber SLR Frame Set is an ultralight cross-country MTB frame that's itching to become your next dream bike. Its SLR Mountain Carbon lay-up is as light as it is meticulous, with a high modulus carbon fibre that gives you all the stiffness you crave and none of the weight. XC courses get rowdier every year, so it comes equipped with 85 mm of IsoStrut rear suspension to smooth your roll without kicking pedalling efficiency to the wind.

You want to build up the perfect cross-country bike with your own curated collection of components. You love the flexibility of being able to pick and choose every element of your bike, and are ready for an ultralight and ultra-capable ride that's proven on the podium.

A featherweight, high-modulus SLR OCLV Mountain Carbon frame with modern XC geometry. 85 mm of IsoStrut rear suspension from a RockShox SIDLuxe shock with 2-position remote damper. Designed to pair with a 110 mm fork.

The Supercaliber SLR frame set is ultralight, ultra-capable and ready to be built into your dream ride.
- You get 85 mm of IsoStrut rear suspension that partners with slacker, capable geometry for handling the roots and rocks of modern XC courses
- You don't have to compromise stiffness for weight savings thanks to the SLR OCLV Mountain Carbon frame that's intensely light, stiff and responsive
- IsoStrut gives you tunable, damped suspension without missing out on efficiency for hammering up climbs at top speed
- Pivotless seat stays save on weight and actively bend to help soak up trail chatter
- You get to build it up with your dream collection of components

Nothing else like it
Supercaliber?s unique frame design ditches traditional suspension hardware so there?s less weight, less maintenance and less lateral flex. IsoStrut connects the mainframe to the pivot-less seat stays to offer about 80 mm of rear wheel travel. This design offers a unique blend of efficiency, traction and fatigue-fighting compliance that keeps racers fresh and in control.

IsoStrut integrated suspension gives you just enough travel to stay in control. It's fully tunable like a standard rear shock, but without the weight penalty of a full suspension bike.

SLR OCLV Mountain Carbon
Supercaliber SLR is the World Cup lightweight frame. It drops grams by using a higher modulous carbon fibre lay-up that allows us to use less material, plus we skip internal guide tubes for cable routing, minimising material and maximising weight savings.

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