Trek 2023 District+ 1C Lowstep - 400Wh

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Meet the sophisticated TREK District+ 1C Lowstep - 400Wh. Equipped and ready, this reliable electric bike is primed for city exploration and daily rides. Its high-endurance 400Wh battery ensures a flawless riding experience, promoting sustainability and a modern lifestyle. A sturdy Bosch Active Line motor guarantees a consistent power output without breaking a sweat, so you can effortlessly cruise at speeds up to 25 km/h. Whether you're traversing bustling city streets or suburban paths, District+ 1C Lowstep brings the power to your pedals.
The lowstep Alpha Smooth Aluminium frame is a design marvel—a blend of sleek aesthetics with practical utility. The lowstep geometry simplifies mounting and dismounting, making your rides more comfortable and giving you confidence even in busy traffic.
The TREK District+ 1C Lowstep is not just about performance—it excels in practicality too. The Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal drivetrain is engineered for low-maintenance and durability. Coupled with a front hydraulic disc brake and a rear coaster brake, the bicycle ensures you always remain in control.
Beyond essentials, the bike packs utility features that make your daily rides a breeze. With mudguards, lights, a front basket, and a versatile MIK rear rack, every ride translates into convenience. Never compromise utility for design or design for utility; the District+ 1C Lowstep offers both.
To make parking easy, the District+ 1C Lowstep comes with a Purion controller with a Walk Assist feature. Let the bike help itself out of steep parking lots and narrow bike cellars.
For those wondering about the range, the Bosch range calculator provides an accurate estimate of how far you can ride this electric bike on a single charge. Simply enter the bike model and rider variables, and you will have your most accurate estimate.
With the TREK District+ 1C Lowstep, embrace the future of cycling—get a bicycle that is efficient, stylish, and ecological—the perfect companion for your urban voyages. Feed your sense of adventure; ride daily, ride well, and more importantly, ride smart.