Trek 2021 Top Fuel 9.7 Gen 2


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We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

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Ride with the freedom and agility of a cheetah aboard the 2021 Top Fuel 9.7 by TREK. This outstanding full-suspension carbon mountain bike effortlessly blends the rapid velocity of a cross country steed with the exhilarating trail-gobbling capabilities of a trail rider, expertly tailored for those who pursue the balance of speed and adventure.

Ergonomically designed for those who crave a versatile, full-suspension mountain bike that combines speed and longevity with the ability to conquer challenging terrain. Its meticulously constructed carbon frame assures outstanding performance, ensuring this bike thrives under intense usage across a plethora of trail types.

Featuring a lightweight full carbon frame supported with a 120mm RockShox Reba RL fork, the Top Fuel 9.7 offers 115mm of rear travel complimented by a FOX Performance Float shock. Combined with a robust 1x12 SRAM NX Eagle drive train, even the longest trails become your playground. Additionally, essential features such as the RockShox TwistLoc Full Sprint dual remote suspension lockout, a Bontrager Line Dropper, and Tubeless Ready Bontrager Kovee Comp 23 wheels further enhance your ride.

What truly sets the Top Fuel 9.7 apart is the marriage of a featherlight carbon frame and a solid parts specification to offer unparalleled performance at a fantastic value. Key features include:

- A full carbon frame for a lightweight, responsive ride
- A short-travel bike with a robust suspension setup
- TwistLoc for lockout capabilities of front and rear shocks
- Mino Link's ability to toggle minute adjustments to your geometry rapidly and seamlessly, even mid-ride
- A Straight Shot downtube for extra-stiff, responsive handling without the extra weight. A Knock Block headset protects against accidental spinning of bars and fork crowns

The Top Fuel 9.7's construction also caters to riders of all sizes. Smaller frames (S) feature a top tube that dips as it approaches the seat tube, enabling shorter riders to straddle their bike with ease. Larger frames (M and ML) incorporate a straight top tube, as taller riders with longer legs usually don't have standover height concerns.

The Active Braking Pivot empowers our engineers to modify how the suspension reacts to acceleration and braking forces independently. Simultaneously, the Straight Shot downtube delivers an extra-stiff frame without added weight. Furthermore, with the Knock Block protection, your handlebars will not spin out in a crash, helping you maintain control and protect the frame.

Experience the outdoors like never before with an excellent balance of efficiency and excitement, embodied beautifully in the 2021 Top Fuel 9.7 by TREK.

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