Trek 2025 Wahoo 24 Path

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The 2024 Wahoo 24 Path by TREK is a top-notch children's bike designed to transform every ride into a thrilling adventure. Featuring a robust aluminium frame, the bike withstands bumps and jumps, ensuring reliability and longevity for every young enthusiast.

The bike is equipped with broad, smooth tyres enabling youngsters to ride with maximum speed while ensuring superlative grip on pavements. Geared with an 8-speed microSHIFT drivetrain, it allows easy shifting through terrains, making uphill rides an utter breeze. Plus, the effective rim brakes ensure safety with controlled slowing and stopping power.

Whether your child is exploring local paths or the neighbourhood cul-de-sac, the Wahoo 24 Path is an ideal companion. It's not just a well-built bike, but also a cool-looking one that will make heads turn.

Key features of the bike:

  • Robust aluminium frame ideal for rough use
  • 8-speed microSHIFT drivetrain enhancing riding experience
  • High-grip, smooth tyres ensuring optimal speed and stability
  • V-brakes providing reliable stopping power
  • Comfortable and confident riding geometry mimicking adult bikes

Extra details including a kid-friendly trigger shifter simplifies gear-changing, creating an easier learning curve for children. With its upright hybrid-style geometry, the bike offers an adult-like riding experience, boosting confidence along the journey.

You can even upgrade your pedals for enhanced control and grip, adding even more to your young one's cycling experience. Wahoo 24 Path by TREK is more than just a bike, it's a step towards a lifetime of cycling adventures.