Trek 2025 Wahoo 26 Path

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Wahoo 26 Path is a lightweight kids? bike ready to roll from city park to greenways and beyond while your rider builds confidence and skills. It?s built with a sturdy aluminium frame that holds up to their bumps and jumps and wide, smooth tyres that help them carry speed on pavement without sacrificing grip. Plus, they get 8 gears to shift through as they work their way up big hills and rim brakes to slow their roll on the way back down. Fit for riders 147?160 cm tall.

You?re looking for a kids? bike built to ride all day on Saturday, pedal to the football game on Sunday and spin to school on Monday. You want something durable but light enough that it?s easy to control. And it has to look cool, too.

An Alpha Silver Aluminium frame with 26? wheels and smooth 2? tyres that offer plenty of grip and speed on pavement. Tons of gears to pick from with an 8-speed microSHIFT drivetrain and stopping power they can count on thanks to V-brakes with hand levers.

Wahoo 26 Path is a versatile and light bike perfect for getting kids out riding and building confidence. It?s light and practical and has smooth tyres that help them ride faster, with plenty of traction for pavement and paths.

- Wahoo?s aluminium frame is light enough for easy handling and tough enough to roll through the rough stuff

- The simple 1x8 drivetrain keeps shifting easy so kids can focus on having fun

- Smooth yet grippy tyres help them gain confidence and speed without sacrificing traction

- Trek kids? bikes are designed and assembled by people who know bikes ? and backed by a lifetime warranty

Kid-friendly trigger shifters

Thumb-activated shifters make it easy to find the right gear and set young riders up for success with a kid-friendly version of the shifters you find on adult bikes.

Comfortable, confident geometry

An upright hybrid-style geometry mimics the feel of an adult bike and keeps kids confident and comfortable on the days when they want to ride until dinner time.

Upgrade your pedals and love your bike more

Pedals are two of the five touchpoints that connect you with your bike, and even though this bike comes with a pair, upgrading to pedals that boost control and grip will greatly improve your ride. See the pedal guide and find the best pedals for your riding style. We recommend flat pedals for simple versatility.