Trek 2023 Allant+ 5 Lowstep - 400Wh


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The Allant+ 5 Lowstep - 400Wh is a state-of-the-art e-bike from TREK that's designed to revolutionise your daily commutes. Manufactured with a lowstep design, it makes mounting and dismounting easy, even when you are on the move. Equipped with the latest Bosch Smart System, the bike offers unmatched connectivity options - you can easily pair your smartphone to log in distances, plan routes and more.

If you are looking for an e-bike that packs performance with comfort, and aesthetics with functionality, look no further. The stylish design of Allant+ 5 Lowstep - 400Wh is sleek enough for city rides and yet, robust enough for those who fancy adventurous terrains. With the enhanced connectivity feature from Bosch, you can easily track your activities, plan navigations and needless to say - it also has Bluetooth.

Our e-bike comes with an aluminium frame with an easy-to-ride lowstep design. You can customise your bike as per the length and nature of your commute from available battery options - choose the one that suits you - from 400Wh to 800Wh. Our robust and efficient Bosch smart system Performance Line CX motor (250 Wh, 85 Nm) can keep you moving at speeds up to 20mph (25 Km/h in Europe).

In terms of safety, we haven't left any stone unturned. From the LED remote that's Bluetooth-connected and controlled via the eBike Flow app, to the internal cable routing in the headset for a sleek look - it's all been thought of. To ensure you are visible even in low light conditions, we have equipped the bike with efficient lights. Plus, a suspension fork offers enhanced comfort.

For gear enthusiasts, the Allant+ 5 Lowstep - 400Wh comes fitted with 27.5" wheels (with thru axles) that offer reliable stability, while the high-volume tyres ensure a smooth, bump-free ride.

Experience a digital revolution with the Bosch smart system when paired with the eBike Flow app. The system integrates seamlessly with every digital element of your ride including the display, driving unit, controller and eBike ABS for a comprehensive digital experience.

The battery range of your e-bike will depend mainly on the battery size. For a better idea of how far you can go on a single charge, refer to the Bosch's range calculator.

Finally, the Allant+ 5 Lowstep - 400Wh is more than just an e-bike. It's the gateway to upgraded commuting and adventurous journeys that are powered by manufacturing excellence and innovation from TREK.

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