Castelli Endurance Gloves

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The Castelli Endurance Gloves offer a great fit, thanks to stretchy material at the back of the hand, combined with lots of cushioning. The synthetic suede palm ensures that they feel soft against your skin, while gel pads shield the base of each digit, the ulnar nerve, and the base of the palm. Meanwhile, the Castelli Damping System (CDS), a slightly firmer pad that spans the length of the hand below the thumb, cushions the median nerve as your hand rests against the brake hoods. These gloves are good looking, securely fitting, comfortable, and effective at protecting your hands when gripping firmly, whether at the velodrome or in slick conditions. They are designed for long rides and provide extra cushioning where needed. Key features:- Stretchy Endurance Evolution material at the back of the hand- Soft synthetic suede palm- Multiple gel pads, with Castelli Damping System (CDS) padding at the median nerve- Stretch wrist closure- Designed for long rides and extra cushioning where needed

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