WAHOO FITNESS Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Single-Sided Power Pedals

9/16"(15 MM)
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The ultimate power pedal system that combines Wahoo's proven performance metrics with SPEEDPLAY's race-winning pedal platform.
- Combines proven sports science and years of industry-leading research with the superior adjustability, power transfer and aerodynamics of the SPEEDPLAY platform
- Accurate to +/- 1%, the internal gyroscope removes cadence variation to measure power output more precisely
- The rechargeable battery lasts up to 75-hours per charge to give you the power to go long
- Made with premium materials for superior strength-to-weight ratio, making it perfect for enduring efforts

Wahoo training ecosystem
Everything is connected. Use an ELEMNT computer to control trainer resistance. Pair POWERLINK pedals to a ROLLR for smart power tracking. HEADWIND tracks TICKR heart rate output and adjusts fan speed accordingly. Choose the smartest training environment on the market to keep your performance at the top of the class.