Trek 2022 Marlin 6 Gen 2


Embrace the thrill of off-road adventures with the 2022 Marlin 6 Gen 2 by TREK. This cross-country mountain bike has been meticulously designed to deliver an optimal off-road experience with its efficient suspension fork that comes with a handy lockout function and a straightforward 1x drivetrain. Although it thrives in rugged terrains, this versatile mountain bike is also equipped with practical features like rack and kickstand mounts, making it a fitting companion for everyday city commuting.

Perfect For:

Whether you're new to the exhilarating world of off-road biking or simply in search of a mountain bike that provides exceptional value, the 2022 Marlin 6 Gen 2 fits the bill. It boasts a broad range of gears to facilitate easy navigation across all terrains.

Key Features:

With a robust aluminium frame that keeps your cables safe through internal routing, high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, and a user-friendly Shimano 1x10 drivetrain, the Marlin 6 Gen 2 has all the essentials for a smooth ride. Additional features include a suspension fork that allows for easy suspension lock and unlock, and a vast selection of gears to support you through steep inclines and swift descents.

Last Word:

When it comes to seamless shifts on every ride, look no further. The Marlin 6 Gen 2 delivers commendable upgrades that enhance your biking experience—be it the smoothly operating Shimano drivetrain, potent hydraulic disc brakes, or durable double-walled rims that cater to your most daring adventures, both off and on trail.

Why You'll Love It:

  1. Simplified drivetrain provides the gears you need without the clutter.
  2. Short-reach brake levers on smaller frame sizes ensure comfortable and confident braking for riders with smaller hands.
  3. Models featuring XXS to S frame sizes sport a curved top tube and lower standover height, enabling easier mounting and dismounting for smaller riders.
  4. The practicality of rack and kickstand mounts allow this powerful mountain bike to also serve as a hardy commuter.
  5. Earns the distinction of the TREK seal, backed by a lifetime warranty.

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