Electra 2022 Straight 8 8i

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Are you looking for a bike that combines unrivalled style with supreme comfort? Look no further than the 2022 Straight 8 8i from ELECTRA. Renowned for its unique design and superior ride quality, this bike features innovative Flat Foot Technology® to ensure your comfort on every journey.

The hydroformed aluminium frame of this superb cruiser is equal parts durable and elegant. It's shaped for sturdiness, but also smooths the ride, providing stress-relief on joints and ensuring long-lasting performance.

This bike doesn't just ride smoothly, it stops smoothly too. Thanks to a Shimano internal 8-speed rear hub with coaster brake and mechanical disc front brake, you can depend on the Straight 8 8i for reliable, responsive stopping power. This ensures you can navigate safely, whether you're cruising the streets or exploring off the beaten path.

The Straight 8 8i rides on 24" x 3" Fatti-O tyres for an inimitable blend of resilience and style. Designed to provide maximum grip and stability, these high-quality tyres can tackle a range of terrains. Furthermore, the distinctive eight ball valve caps add an extra touch of character that sets this bike apart from the crowd.

While the Straight 8 8i is undeniably functional, it's also designed to turn heads. Blacked out with red spokes and a chequerboard pattern on the rear tyre, it exudes an attitude that is rebellious and care-free. It's not just a bike - it's a statement.

Ride with ELECTRA, and rediscover your passion for cycling with the Straight 8 8i.

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