Electra Straight 8 8i

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We expect to have more available from 12/09/22.
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The Straight 8 is straight money. One of our most popular Attitude Cruiser bikes, it comes blacked out with red spokes, a chequerboard rim on the rear tyre and custom 8-ball valve caps. Complete with a hydroformed aluminium frame, Flat Foot Technology® and Fatti-O tyres, the Straight 8 provides a relaxed, comfortable ride that feels as cool as it looks.

You like an understated kind of cool. Understated like a pipe wrench. You appreciate quality design and want a cruiser that is more than a piece of art, but a nice ride as well.

The Straight 8 8i features a hydroformed aluminium tank. It is equipped with a Shimano internal 8-speed rear hub with coaster brake and mechanical disc front brake. It rolls on 24" x 3" Fatti-O tyres that are equipped with super sweet eight ball valve caps.

At first glance the Straight 8 may look like a standard cruiser. Take a closer look. You'll notice the details and start to understand how much time and attention goes into designing a bike that seems simple but evokes plenty of attitude. This bike answers the question, 'What are you looking at?'
- Iconic. Popular. Beloved. The Straight 8 has stood the test of time as one Electra's best-selling Attitude Cruisers.
- The hydroformed frame looks tough, has elegant lines and provides the comfort of Flat Foot Technology®.
- Red spokes provide a pop of colour and surprise to this subtle stunner.

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