Trek 2021 Dual Sport 2


Introducing the 2021 Dual Sport 2 by TREK - the ultimate adventure companion designed to conquer any terrain. Whether it’s smooth city streets or rugged country trails, this versatile hybrid bike delivers exceptional performance and comfort.

Fitted with a suspension fork, grippy all-terrain tyres and hydraulic disc brakes, the Dual Sport 2 adapts with ease to the lay of the land, ensuring a steady ride and superior control in all conditions. From the tarmac to gravel, or trail rides, TREK's Dual Sport 2 holds its own.

This robust bike boasts a lightweight aluminium frame guaranteeing speed as well as endurance. With a reliable drivetrain featuring 24 speeds, it offers a wide range of gearing so you're never exerting more force than necessary. Let the bike do the hard work for you. Enjoy long-distance treks or short city rides with equal ease.

The fork's hydraulic lockout feature enhances the efficiency of your ride. Close it for smooth, flat surfaces and open it up when venturing onto the rough terrain. Equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, this bike guarantees safe stopping power in any weather.

The 2021 Dual Sport 2 isn’t just about performance, it also cares for your comfort. The model comes with Rack and Mudguard mount features making your off-road adventures splatter-free. Adding to its sleek look, the internal cable routing extends cable life.

With DuoTrap S compatibility, you can wirelessly track your rides, set goals and watch as you achieve them. Customise your ride to fit your needs – fit it with fenders, racks, a kickstand, lights or bottle cages. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

The 2021 Dual Sport 2 exemplifies TREK's commitment to versatility and innovation. So why choose between the road and trail when you can excel at both? Make this multisport gem your own and redefine your cycling experience.

Get ready for the ride of your life!

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