Trek 2022 Kickster


The 2022 Kickster from TREK is an impeccable teaching tool perfect for your little one's first steps into the world of cycling. Renowned for its ability to master the art of balance, this kid's balance bike is pedal-less, allowing undivided focus on stability. It also provides an added advantage with a handle support, to guide and boost the confidence of your tiny tot while they acclimatise to the delightful world of cycling.

Aspire to ignite the spirit of a future Tour de France winner in your child? Start their training early with the Kickster. This balance bike minimises the hassle of dealing with stabilisers and encourages a smooth transition to a two-wheeler in no time.

The 2022 Kickster boasts of a lightweight, yet sturdy aluminium frame with a brilliant step-through geometry designed specifically for small children. The 12" wheels, saddle handle, and a steering limiter offer convenience and safety while learning to ride - ensuring that turning the front wheel too quickly or all the way round is nearly impossible.

Embrace the joy of witnessing your child learn to ride with effortless ease with Kickster. Unlike training with stabilisers, the balance-centric approach moulds your child into a confident two-wheeler rider swiftly.

  • A champion of balance bikes, Kickster is loved for its proven effectiveness.
  • Invest in making unforgettable memories of your child's first ride.
  • Built to last, it's the ideal hand-me-down for younger siblings.
  • Crafted by the experienced hands at TREK - a trusted name in the biking community.

Join the league of smart parents who invest in long-term quality over quick fixes. Equip your child with a TREK bike, designed and assembled by people who live and breathe bikes.

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