Trek 2022 Session AL Frame Set


Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

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Experience Unrivaled Performance
Conquer trails and speed through daring descents with the 2022 Session AL frame set by TREK. This perfect foundation for downhill mountain biking offers a high-pivot suspension design, ensuring agile, grounded, and lightning-fast performance. Time after time.
Whether you’re a racer by day or simply love pushing the envelope on the downhill rush, Session’s high-traction, sturdy alloy frame is ideal for customizing into your dream DH bike.
Enjoy the plush comfort of a FOX DHX shock with 200 mm rear travel, paired with the flexibility of an FSA Orbit headset for the ultimate, adjustable downhill experience. With the freedom to switch between 29” wheels, 27.5” wheels, or even a mix-and-match ‘mullet’ style, personalisation takes centrestage.
Superior Traction and Speed
Session’s high-pivot suspension design means more speed, more traction, and almost no pedal kickback. Stay in control and maintain steady speed, whether landing jumps, dropping off, or manoeuvring over obstacles. Flip the lower shock mount chip to adjust suspension progression to match your ride’s intensity.
Customisation with Every Ride
Session’s sizing system is based on reach, guaranteeing a downhill fit that works for you. Adjust both geometry and suspension on the Mino Link for a progressive feel on racing days or laid-back park rides. With the 2022 Session AL frame set, the choice is yours.
Take Control
Thanks to Active Braking Pivot, you have full reign over how your suspension reacts to acceleration and braking forces for more confident control.

Size-Specific Balance
Enjoy high-speed control and delightful big mountain rides with Session's size-specific chainstay length. As the frame reach increases, so does the chainstay length promising a balanced weight distribution for a ride tailored just for you.
With the 2022 Session AL frame set, your mountain biking adventures will reach new heights of adrenaline-pumping exhilaration. It’s time to build the dream downhill bike you've always wanted.

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