Trek 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger - 252Wh

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The 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger by TREK is an impressive marriage between a road and trail hybrid bike, equipped with an innovative electric assist system. Its lightweight feature boosts its agility and portability without compromising its strength and stability on the road and off-road trails. The model's wide tyres and rigid wheels cater to instilling confidence in riders while they traverse different types of terrains.

You'll love the Dual Sport+ 2 if
You are looking for an uncomplicated, high-performing hybrid e-bike that enhances your daily rounds, improves your riding experience and invigorates your weekend adventures.

Remarkable features
The 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger includes a low-weight aluminium frame with an enhanced staggered design for usability. Powered by TREK's proprietary pedal-assist technology equipped with a center hub motor, the bike can sustain speeds up to 20 mph. The 250 Wh battery allows for a range of up to 55 km per charge, ensuring uninterrupted rides. Furthermore, it incorporates firm 650b wheels and wide 50c tyres that can tame various terrains, a reliable 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, built-in battery-powered lights, and a kickstand.

Lasting thoughts
The Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger takes associated benefits of Dual Sport and elevates it with an electric enhancement to aid you in doing more! Its added power aids in comfortably transporting groceries uphill and extend your adventures beyond your usual limits.

Why the Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger will be your favourite

  1. Being their lightest hybrid e-bike, it amplifies manageability in parking and carrying up the stairs.
  2. Its pedal-assist system features a hub motor which gives a more organic riding feeling and an easy-to-use LED remote indicating your assist settings.
  3. Its rigid wheels and wide tyres proffer the comfort and confidence of a suspension fork sans the extra weight.
  4. It easily invites accessories such as mudguards and a rear rack to accommodate everything you need.
  5. Increase your range by doubly with a 250 Wh plug-and-play Range Extender battery that easily attaches to your frame through water bottle mounts.

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