Trek 2023 District+ 1 Midstep - 500Wh


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Designed for urban landscapes, the 2023 District+ 1 Midstep - 500Wh, brought to you by world-renowned brand TREK, is your ultimate city commuting buddy. Boasting low-maintenance internal gearing and a reliable Bosch e-bike system, this electric bike puts convenience and efficiency at your fingertips. Its powerful hydraulic disc brakes deliver superior all-weather stopping power, ensuring safety in every ride.

The TREK District+ 1 Midstep is tailor-made for those who rely on their bikes for daily city travel. This powerful yet low-maintenance e-bike incorporates all the essential utility features required for smooth and seamless daily rides – mudguards, lights, and a rear rack, making each commute a breeze.

Every aspect of the District+ 1 Midstep is carefully designed to promote user-friendly functionality. Its sleek Alpha Smooth Aluminium frame features a midstep geometry and internal cable routing, ensuring rugged durability and an unrivalled ride. The bike boasts an efficient Bosch Active Line (250 W, 40 Nm) motor that supports sustained speeds of up to 25 km/h, making your rides fast and efficient. Choose between a 300 Wh, 400 Wh, or 500 Wh battery, depending upon your need for speed and performance.

The TREK District+ 1 Midstep isn’t just efficient; it’s designed for comfort too. The bike uses a suspension fork for absorbing road bumps, ergonomic grips for an easy hold, and extra wide 50c tyres for extra stability. Plus, it comes equipped with mudguards, lights, a lock, a MIK rear rack, and a kickstand - all for your convenience.

Unsure of the range? Use Bosch's range calculator to see how far you can ride your electric bike on a single charge. Then, simply enjoy the ride, know your District+ 1 Midstep from TREK has you covered.

Maximise your ride experience by upgrading your pedals for better control and grip. Although the bike comes with a pair, customisation opens up a whole new level of comfort and control. Our pedal guide will help you choose the best pedals for your riding style.

Rise above the city traffic with TREK's District+ 1 Midstep. It's not just an e-bike; it's the reliable, everyday companion you've been waiting for.

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