Trek 2021 Checkpoint ALR 4

54 (21 inch)
56 (22 inch)
58 (23 inch)

Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

The 2021 Checkpoint ALR 4 by TREK brings adventure to your fingertips with its robust aluminium frame and unmatched versatility. As a superior gravel bike, it thrives on various terrains, whether you are manoeuvring through rugged gravel or gliding down tarmacked roads. Perfect for bikepacking or regular commuting, it’s designed to elevate your outdoor journeys.

No road is off limits with the Checkpoint ALR 4. It’s an all-rounder gravel bicycle, boasting of a resilient 2x10 Shimano GRX drive train that makes tough ascents or rough patches a breeze. The bike's hydraulic disc brakes provide a reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. Equipped with 700x40c gravel tyres, grip and stability are enhanced on uneven trails.

Expect nothing less than phenomenal performance from this TREK offering. Showcasing ingenious tech features at an unbeatable value, the Checkpoint ALR 4 rides smoothly through the toughest conditions. Despite being designed to withstand gravel paths, its frame geometry along with the accessory mounts also makes it a top pick for road rides and city commutes.

  • The Checkpoint ALR 4 allows you to experience the thrilling world of gravel riding without breaking the bank.
  • Adapt to countless riding styles - from vigorous gravel rides, adventurous bikepacking, to peaceful daily commutes.
  • Convenient mounts on the seat tube and both sides of the down tube for carrying additional water and gear.
  • Exceptional tyre clearance enables the usage of tyres up to 45c, promoting greater traction and stability in various conditions.
  • The adaptable horizontal sliding dropout facilitates fine-tuning of your geometry or running singlespeed.

An ideal mudguard companion and a reliable aid in carrying extra gear, TREK's Checkpoint ALR 4 truly opens a gateway to bicycle adventure.

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