Trek Allant+ 9S

XL - 27.5 WHEEL
Part Number:




The Allant+ 9S is a high-end e-bike that’s more than worthy of replacing your car and is the perfect workhorse for long commutes and speedy weekend rides. The super powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and long-range battery let you go fast and far, the suspension fork and seat post deliver road-smoothing comfort, a belt drive and CVT hub reduce maintenance and it's designed with thoughtful details that dedicated e-bike riders will appreciate. You’re looking for top-of-the-line performance, speed and comfort. You want road-smoothing suspension parts, the fastest Bosch motor you can get and the benefit of a low-maintenance belt drive system. A sleek, high-performance hydroformed aluminium frame with a fully-integrated 625 Wh Bosch PowerTube battery – the longest-range Bosch offers – an ultra-powerful Bosch Performance Speed (250 W, 75 Nm) drive unit that helps you sustain speeds of up...

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