Trek 2021 Verve+ 1 Lowstep - 300Wh


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Discover the joy and freedom of cycling with the 2021 Verve+ 1 Lowstep - 400Wh, an electric bike designed to propel your journeys and workouts to new heights. The reliable and potent Bosch pedal-assist system ensures every ride is easier and more enjoyable. This e-bike not only delivers on performance but prioritises your comfort and safety with features such as the road-smoothing suspension fork, ergonomic design, wide tyres for stability, and integrated front and rear lights.

If you have a passion for exploring further and taking the path less travelled, the Verve+ 1 Lowstep is your perfect companion. The boost from the e-bike gives you the power to adventure longer, climb steeper hills, and commute faster. This is a bike that's not only durable and forward-thinking but delightfully comfortable to ride.

The Verve+ 1 Lowstep is fitted with an Alpha aluminium frame with lowstep geometry, facilitating easy mounting and dismounting. An 8-speed Shimano drivetrain pairs perfectly with the Bosch Active Line 250W, 40 Nm motor, offering steady speeds of up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The Purion controller, combined with your choice of a 300 Wh, 400 Wh, or 500 Wh battery, ensures you're in control of every ride. Additional features include a 50 mm Suntour NEX suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes for excellent all-weather stopping power, an adjustable Blendr-Compatible stem, and 50c wide tyres for unparalleled stability and traction.

Cycling with the Verve+ 1 Lowstep is an exhilarating experience. The pedal-assist system provides a whole new dimension of speed and stamina, effortlessly enhancing your natural pedal power. With every ride, you'll appreciate the benefits of electric biking even more.
- Amplify your power and enjoy riding even more with an electric bike.
- Confidently mount and dismount with the accommodating lowstep geometry.
- Customize your ride with a choice of a 300 Wh, 400 Wh, or 500 Wh battery.
- Traverse the roughest roads with ease thanks to the suspension fork.
- Use the Purion controller's Walk Assist feature for a helping hand in steep areas.

Do you wonder about the range? Get to know how far you can travel on a single charge with Bosch's range calculator. We've filled in the details for this specific bike model and an average rider, but feel free to make alterations to receive a personalised estimate.