Shimano PDR8000 Ultegra SPDSL Road pedals carbon

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Unleash your inner speed demon with Shimano Ultegra's ultra-lightweight PDR8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Road Pedals. Designed for high-performance road racing, these pedals will take your cycling experience to the next level.

These pedals boast a wide carbon body that's as light as it is robust, providing a large shoe contact area that optimises power transfer and support, while reducing weight. Now you can push your limits with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Whether you're sprinting to the finish line or taking sharp turns, the low profile design of these pedals increases road clearance, giving you the confidence to glide through corners with ease. The large binding target allows for quick engagement, and the wide cleats enable more efficient pedalling- all contributing to a smoother and quicker ride.

The PDR8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Road Pedals, constructed with stainless steel body plates, promises increased durability, ensuring it stands up to the stresses of intense road racing. The open design not only looks slick, but offers easy access and cleat adjustments.

Maintenance is a breeze with the sealed cartridge axle unit, saving you time and trouble. Included with the pedals is the SH-SH11 shoe cleat yellow which provides 6 degrees of sideways float, adjusting to your ride and providing flexibility.

Weighing in at a mere 248 grams per pair, these pedals won't weigh you down. Now you can focus on crushing that personal record.

To witness the PDR8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Road Pedals in action, watch the video below.

Rev up your road race performance with the PDR8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Road Pedals from Shimano Ultegra. Upgrade your ride today!

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