Trek 2022 Dual Sport 2 Gen 4

From £650.00

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the 2022 Dual Sport 2 Gen 4 by TREK, a robust hybrid bike engineered to traverse multiple terrains with remarkable ease. Tailored for efficiency on paved roads and stability on rough terrains, including gravel paths, this bike promises ultimate comfort and performance regardless of where you choose to ride.

If the charm of the road and the thrill of trails and gravel attract you equally, then this bike is your perfect match. Engineered with features assuring endless comfort and unwavering confidence when exploring diverse terrains, Dual Sport 2 Gen 4 also doubles as an excellent commuter bike.

This bike boasts an array of advanced tech features. An ultra-solid aluminium frame with an aesthetic internal cable routing system, suspension fork with lockout, reliable 2x9 drivetrain providing a comprehensive gear range, all-terrain tyres for maximum grip and swift rolling, and potent hydraulic disc brakes for unrivalled all-weather stopping power.

With the Dual Sport 2 Gen 4, you are free to explore more of your world. Whether it’s Tarmac, gravel, or trails, it’s equipped to handle it all. Further enhancing its versatility are features such as a comprehensive range of gearing, rack and mudguard mounts, front suspension, and tech capabilities for fitness tracking.

Bike lovers are in for a treat with:

  • Hydraulic lockout feature in the fork for optimized riding efficiency. Simply close it when riding on smooth Tarmac and open it up on rougher trails.
  • A 2x drivetrain that delivers all the gears you need and none you don’t.
  • Easily customizable frame. Add racks, a kickstand, mudguards, lights, and more as per your preference.
  • DuoTrap S compatibility for easy wireless tracking of your rides allowing you to set and achieve cycling goals.
  • Stunning internal cable routing that prolongs the life of your cables and adds an elegant look to your bike.

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