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Tool RIDE+ Battery Docking Diagnostic Harness
All FM and RM RD+ Bikes Grey
GTIN: 768682677094
MPN: 436363

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Tool RIDE+ Battery Motor Voltage Diagnosis
All FM and RM RD+ Bikes Grey
GTIN: 768682677117
MPN: 436364

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Tool RIDE+ Dropout Sensor Test Harness
All FM and 3x4 IGH RD+ Bikes Grey
GTIN: 768682677131
MPN: 436365

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Tool RIDE+ Y-Split Controller Docking Harness
All FM RD+ Bikes Grey
GTIN: 768682677155
MPN: 436366

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Manufacturer’s Description

Diagnostic Tools for RIDE+ bikes with BionX system. Be sure to read the work instructions prior to use;436363: for all RD+ bikes;436364: for all RD+ bikes;436365: all RD+ bikes with dropout sensor;436366: only for front motor bikes;PN 436363: This harness allows detecting problems with the bike harness and allows easy swapping of components during diagnosis;PN 436364: This harness allows measuring the voltage on the power wires from the battery pack to the motor;PN 436365: This harness allows checking the dropout sensor on IGH bikes for correct voltage output;