Trek 2023 Domane+ SLR 6 Pro

From £7,850.00

Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

Unleash your potential on the road with the Domane+ SLR 6 Pro by TREK—an exceptional e-road bike engineered with 800 Series OCLV Carbon. The bike's cutting-edge integrated motor provides a quiet, seamless assist that heightens your ride. Its inconspicuous structure keeps you connected with your journey and delivers the extra oomph you need to conquer steep ascents and engage in long, thrilling routes. Thanks to the Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain, you will also experience swift shifting to keep you in command.

This spectacular e-road bike is made for riders who demand a lightweight, inconspicuous, and quiet bike. The bike's versatility can tackle everything from smooth roads to rough terrains. With the advantage of a wireless electronic drivetrain, every ride is a thrilling adventure.

The Domane+ SLR 6 Pro boasts a feather-light 800 Series OCLV Carbon frame with rear IsoSpeed and a powerful 50 Nm TQ harmonic pinring motor. It amplifies your journey with the assist of up to 20 mph (25 km/h in Europe), a 360 Wh integrated battery, and a sleek LED display with top-mounted controls for switching through assist modes.

Other note-worthy features include Aeolus Pro 37 OCLV Carbon wheels, Shimano 105 2x12 Di2 wireless electronic drivetrain, carbon cranks, and a Bontrager Pro Iso-Core handlebar for vibration absorption. With the RCS Pro stem, your cables are fully integrated for a sleek appearance.

Your ride will be smoother and efficient, and electronic Shimano 105 Di2 guarantees swift shifts. You can opt for a Range Extender that neatly fits into the bottle cage and adds more power for longer journeys. And with the capacity to fit up to 40 mm tyres, enjoy great versatility for off-road adventures.

The TQ harmonic pin ring motor is not only compact and quiet, but also impressively powerful and efficient. It offers a breathtaking natural-feeling assist up to 20 mph (25 km/h in Europe). At the same time, the Domane+ SLR is TREK's lightest e-bike ever, designed to shed weight without compromising performance.

An integrated 360Wh battery sits hidden in the downtube, providing an impressive range of about 100 kilometers in Eco mode. Should you opt for a 160Wh Range Extender, expect an extended total range of around 145 kilometres in Eco mode, perfect for those wanting to explore further.

Experience TREK's unrivalled road feel without any compromise with the Domane+ SLR 6 Pro—a traditional bike with all the added benefits of being electric.

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