Rapid Racer Products ProGuard

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ProGuard by Rapid Racer Products is a stellar solution for biking enthusiasts seeking utmost protection from mud and spray. It's the go-to gear for high-action enduro or downhill racing, and the dream accessory for weekend warriors pursuing excellent protection without compromising on tyre clearance.

Benefits are overwhelming with ProGuard. It's available in multiple sizes to ensure optimum coverage and protection. Moreover, the Max size is designed with an additional 68mm at the rear and 21mm at the front, presenting enhanced protection, especially for high-speed races. It's impressively effective in minimising the usual mud-clogging issues associated with similar style mudguards.

Featuring 24 crown holes, this guard guarantees a precise fit every time. The rear flick also provides additional protection while turning. Unique to the ProGuard design is a fork brace indent, providing more room for tyre clearance and maintaining performance longer for those feisty rides.

Adding to the ProGuard's appeal is its incredible compatibility. It fits all 26", 27.5", and 29" forks (reverse arch excluded), supporting tyres up to 3".

Despite its robust protection, ProGuard is remarkably lightweight with the Standard version at 119g and the Max version at 133g.

The ProGuard series undergoes an infusion using Rapid Racer Products' unique polypropylene mix, giving the guards remarkable flexibility, durability, and strength, ensuring they last longer and protect better.

In a nutshell, Rapid Racer Products’ ProGuard is not merely a mudguard; it's a strategically designed, high-performance protector that can significantly enhance your biking experience.

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