Unior Crank Puller with Handle

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Discover the power of quality with the Unior Crank Puller with Handle. This top-grade bike tool is the perfect addition to any cyclist's toolkit, engineered for ultimate precision and reliability.

Why choose Unior? With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Unior Bike Tools is a trusted name in the world of cycling. The brand focuses on quality, with tools crafted from the finest materials and built to the most rigorous standards. Whether you need bike repair stands, workbenches, or a simple but essential tool like the Crank Puller, Unior has you covered.

Unior tools are designed for work - they're robust enough for daily use in professional bike shops, but equally at home in your own personal workshop. Each tool is created with an undying commitment to quality, ensuring they stand up to the most demanding tasks and can be trusted to uphold a lifetime of service.

Having been in operation since 1919, Unior combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and methods for immaculate results. So trusty are their tools, that they make the tools which make their tools; a testament to their precision and dedication to the trade.

Lastly, all Unior tools are made in Europe, rendering the brand full control over the specification, manufacturing process, and quality of their raw materials. This hands-on approach guarantees that the Crank Puller, like all Unior items, will perform flawlessly and provide full value throughout its lifespan. So enhance your cycling toolkit today with the Unior Crank Puller – a testament to over a century's worth of expertise in tool production.