MiRider GB3 Folding Electric Bke


The MiRiDER One GB3 road electric bike of the year

our very own take on a geared bike and an industry first for folding eBikes. Rather than take the easy, traditional option of moving the hub motor to the front and hanging a derailleur off the back, we wanted to be smarter than that. We wanted to retain the balance, weight distribution and traction a rear wheel hub offers whilst avoiding a bulky and dirty gear set.

Adding to the appeal, we have loaded the bike with a selection of extra upgrades such as:

  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Large colour display with USB charge port
  • Selle Royal saddle
  • Wider riser handlebars

To enhance the unique gear system, we’ve added a custom belt drive system, which provides a quiet and smooth ride without the oil!

The trio of ratios have been devised to offer a perfect selection; 1st for climbing or riding without assistance, 2nd for typical riding and 3rd for cruising or riding above the 15.5mph cut out.

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