Electra 2024 Kākau Cruiser Go!

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Dive into a unique fusion of traditional tribal art and modern technology with the 2024 Kākau Cruiser Go! by the reputable ELECTRA brand. This e-bike's design is a visual symphony of patterns, inspired by the Polynesian tattoo art form, Kākau, and the majestic Koa tree material used for early surfboards. Its matte finish beautifully mirrors the ruggedly scenic lava rock landscapes typical to the islands of Polynesia.An integral part of the esteemed Electra Artist Series, this e-bike reflects a seamless blend of stunning design, innovative style, and cutting-edge technology. Every minute detail is crafted meticulously to suit your unique taste while giving you an unmatched performance on the road. This bike isn't just about aesthetics - it also ensures an impressive 65-kilometre smooth support from the pedal-assist e-bike system.Despite its titular 'Cruiser' tag, the bike boasts an elevated performance with a rear hub motor that offers three levels of support coupled with mechanical disc brakes for powerful stopping. The Kākau Go! is quite the all-rounder, perfect for leisurely rides to the beach, speedy hill charges or longer trips, courtesy of the streamlined 27.5" tyres, and a delightful suite of customised features like mudguards, saddle and grips. Let's not forget the charming matching bell that adds an extra touch of personality!Make waves with the thrilling blend of attitude, power, and an unparalleled attention to detail offered by the Artist Series collection. The Kākau Go! e-bike equips you with:

  • Patented Flat Foot Technology® on a step-over frame for the ultimate comfort and control.
  • Top assisted speed of 25 km/h boosted by the rear hub motor.
  • Convenient LED controller to monitor power support and battery charge levels.
  • Customised embossed saddle, grips and matching bell that speak volumes of your individuality.
Ride the wave of discovery and make every journey an adventure with the 2024 Kākau Cruiser Go! by ELECTRA. Let's go find that secret surf spot, shall we?

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