Unior Compact Pedal Wrench

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Introducing the Compact Pedal Wrench by UNIOR, a must-have multifaceted tool for any cyclist. UNIOR, a key player in the world of professional bike tools, brings this useful addition to their comprehensive range. Built to last, it bears the mark of superior quality that UNIOR has upheld for over 100 years.

Designed for everyday use, this pedal wrench features a robust construction and ergonomic design. Crafted for optimum efficiency, it brings together the perfection of traditional tool-making methods and modern-day technology. Whether you're tinkering in your home garage or maintaining an entire cycle fleet, this reliable tool ensures a smooth, safe and straightforward experience.

The compact pedal wrench is made in Europe, upholding high manufacturing standards and ensuring each product's longevity and performance. With every detail overseen by UNIOR, from the specifications to the raw materials, you can trust in the quality and durability of this indispensable bike tool. Versatile, dependable and steadfast, this wrench is an investment in the longevity of your bike and an enhancement to your bike repair kit.

If you're serious about cycling, equip yourself with the UNIOR Compact Pedal Wrench - a staple in any bikers' toolbox.

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