Unior 11/12 Tooth Cassette Wrench

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Unlock the Potential with the 11/12 Tooth Cassette Wrench by Unior
Bike maintenance just got a lot easier and quicker with the functionality of this cassette wrench. Say goodbye to clunky chain whips, and hello to smooth, efficient cassette changes with Unior's 11/12 Tooth Cassette Wrench.

Why Choose Unior?
Unior has stood the test of time with its passion for crafting top-quality bike tools since 1919. Driven by excellence, they offer a comprehensive range of products that boasts unparalleled performance. A brand synonymous with supreme reliability, expect this cassette wrench to be no different.

Engineered To Last
Unior designs practical tools that outlast their counterparts. From professional bike garages to your home workshop, this 11/12 Tooth Cassette Wrench is resilient to withstand constant uses, thereby earning its place in your toolbox for a long time.

Crafted with Detail
Unior blends its rich heritage with the latest technologies to create tools with absolute precision. This cassette wrench is a perfect example of their dedication to detail – crafted meticulously to ensure the utmost accuracy during use.

Purely European
All Unior's tools are made in Europe giving them complete control over the design, production process, and quality of materials used. Thus, guaranteeing optimal performance from purchase and beyond. Choose this 11/12 Tooth Cassette Wrench for an effortless and satisfying bike maintenance experience.