Unior 3-Way Hex Wrench

4MM / 5MM / 6MM
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Let your inner mechanic shine with the Unior 3-Way Hex Wrench. Perfectly engineered for when you need to make precise adjustments or repairs to your bike, this tool is a must-have for professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The 3-Way Hex Wrench exemplifies UNIOR's commitment to reliable, high-quality design. Crafted from superior materials to endure daily use, it’s a testament to UNIOR's century-long heritage of tool-making excellence.

The unique benefits of this outstanding tool:

  • Ergonomically designed: Its shape is perfectly attuned to offer quick and easy use. You won't have to struggle to reach those tight spots anymore.

  • Quality you can trust: Made to withstand rigorous daily use, be it in professional workshops or your home. The 3-Way Hex Wrench empowers you to repair with confidence.

  • Legacy of Excellence: UNIOR brings over a 100 years of crafting prowess to every tool it creates. Their legacy is your guarantee of a tool built with absolute precision.

  • Made in Europe: With UNIOR, you secure European engineering excellence. They maintain the highest standards in specification, manufacturing and quality, promising you enduring performance.

So bring a touch of European craftmanship to your toolkit with the 3-Way Hex Wrench from UNIOR. It's an investment that will pay dividends every time you reach for your tools.

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