Unior Cable Cutter

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Perfectly Trim Your Biking Cables with Unior's Cable Cutter

If there's one thing every cyclist knows, it's the importance of keeping your bike in top condition. Unior's Cable Cutter is the perfect tool for giving your bike's brake and derailleur cables that precise, clean cut. It's an essential piece of kit for any cyclist, casual or professional.

Unior: The Mark of High-Quality Tools
Unior Bike Tools speaks the language of precision, quality, and durability. Each tool they build is meticulously designed and constructed from top-grade materials, ensuring reliability that lasts a lifetime. They've stood behind their product for over a century, combining old-world craftsmanship with modern technology in a blend that is uniquely Unior.

Built for Robust Use
Every Unior tool is crafted to withstand daily use in professional bike shops. Whether you're at home or in a busy workshop, you can trust this Cable Cutter to be your reliable, go-to tool.

A Century's Legacy
Unior has been committed to crafting tools since 1919. They make the tools that they use to make their tools, ensuring absolute precision in every cut, twist, and turn.

Made in Europe
Each Unior tool is entirely produced within Europe, giving the manufacturer full control over quality and specifications. This guarantees that your Cable Cutter, like all Unior products, will perform correctly and last you a lifetime. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a Unior tool.

Choosing Unior's Cable Cutter for your bicycle maintenance means investing in durability, precision, and immense reliability. Time to treat your bike to the best tools - time to choose Unior.