Unior 2-for-1 Disc Brake Tool

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Introducing the '2-for-1 Disc Brake Tool' by UNIOR, a crucial utensil for every cyclist's toolkit.

The UNIOR disc brake tool is renown for its versatility. Designed both for servicing and for the precise adjustment of disc brake pads, this tool delivers a seamless brake-pad replacement experience. This tool is a unique 2-for-1; flaunting easy usability and robust durability, allowing you to maintain the optimum performance of your bike.

In keeping with the UNIOR ethos, this disc brake tool is manufactured from top-quality materials, rendering it resilient for both professional and casual use. It is fabricated according to the highest industry standards to guarantee unfaltering dependability.

Proudly carrying a legacy of over 100 years of tool craftsmanship, this tool encapsulates the trust and precision UNIOR is known for. Entirely manufactured in Europe, the meticulous control over the raw materials and processes ensures the highest quality.

Caring for your bike just became more efficient with this multi-talented tool. Exhilarating rides, enhanced safety, optimal bike performance - the '2-for-1 Disc Brake Tool' is the perfect companion for your cycling adventures.

Please note, the UNIOR disc brake tool is sold separately and universal to all bike models.

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