Trek 2022 Precaliber 12

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Introducing the shining gem of TREK's kids' collection - the 2022 Precaliber 12. The ideal biking companion for young adventurers, this product amplifies their excitement for motion and their desire to explore.

The Precaliber 12 sports a unique feature uncommonly found in children's bikes - a saddle with an integrated handle. This exclusive detail is designed so parents or guardians can have supportive control over the child's ride, making their biking introduction smooth, comfortable, and secure. Another highlight to ensure extra convenience and safety is our tool-less training wheels. With an effortless dial twist, you can attach or remove these helpful wheels, making the transition to a two-wheel ride as simple as can be!

Complementing the innovative features of this bike is its lightweight aluminium frame. It's easy for your little conqueror to handle and steer, promoting an enjoyable, stress-free ride.

When you choose the 2022 Precaliber 12, you're not just receiving a durable, high-performing bike, but you're also investing in joyful experiences and lifelong memories. Your child's first successful two-wheel ride, the delight in exploring new paths or their growing love for outdoor activities - now, that's priceless.

This bike is designed with sustainability in mind. Built to stand the test of time, it's perfect for sharing among younger siblings, hence a perfect economic and sustainable choice!

Its quality and design highlight TREK's expertise in bike creation. Choose Precaliber 12 for a reliable, fun-filled, and unforgettable biking journey!

  • The first bike ride memory is genuinely unforgettable - made even more special with the Precaliber 12.
  • This bike is heirloom-designed - its extraordinary durability makes it an ideal hand-me-down for younger siblings.
  • TREK's craftsmanship shines in every detail - the Precaliber 12 is created with utmost care and quality.
  • Designed for kids' utmost convenience - lower frame for easy hopping on and off.

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