Trek 2024 Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type Gen 6

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We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

Unleash your inner thrill-seeker with the 2024 Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type Gen 6 from TREK; a cutting-edge enduro mountain bike ready to take on any mountain trail. Delivering exceptional performance in an ultra-durable alloy frame design, this bike encourages you to go above and beyond with every ride.

Featuring a pioneering high-pivot chassis, the Slash 9 GX elevates your traction for challenging climbs and maintains essential stability during downhill racing. Equipped with a unique mixed wheel setup - a 29" front wheel and a 27.5" rear wheel - this bike offers nimble handling and playful manoeuvrability.

This robust enduro mountain bike isn’t just tough – it’s smart too! The Slash 9 GX is equipped with a wireless SRAM GX AXS transmission, delivering flawlessly precise shifts every time. Alongside that, the upgraded 170mm RockShox suspension package guarantees a smooth ride on even the roughest terrains.

Inside the robust Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame, you'll find internal storage for your essential tools and snacks. Enjoy a consistently smooth ride thanks to the RockShox ZEB Select+ fork with DebonAir spring and Charger 3 RC2 damper. With SRAM's wireless GX AXS transmission, you’ll always have the perfect gear for punchy climbs.

Ride with confidence knowing that the Trek Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type is ready to handle everything from boulder fields and steep climbs to daring descents and high leaps. Experience unparalleled traction and momentum from the high-pivot suspension and oversized pulleys, that makes pedalling impressively efficient.

Discover the difference with the Slash 9 GX's mixed wheel size, combining a fast-rolling 29" front wheel with a stiff, nimble 27.5" rear wheel. Feel free to tweak your bike's setup to suit your needs with an adjustable leverage rate, a bolt-on lower shock mount for swapping to a full 29er setup, and an adjustable-angle headset. Experience the dream combination of speed and agility only with the 2024 Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type Gen 6 from Trek.

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