Trek 2025 Marlin+ 8

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Experience the next level in trail riding with the 2024 Marlin+ 8 by TREK, a game-changing electric mountain bike that lets you conquer new peaks without draining the bank. Thanks to its heart-pounding Bosch Active Line Plus motor, you'll enjoy a powerful boost that propels you up steep climbs and carries you further off the beaten track. This thrilling riding experience is elegantly underpinned by a 120 mm suspension fork, ensuring your handling remains smooth, no matter the terrain.

You'll love the advanced wheel and tyre design, boasting wide 2.6" tubeless-ready tyres that enhance your grip and reduce the risk of flats. Backed by an impressive 12-speed Shimano drivetrain, the Marlin+ 8 effortlessly accommodates different riding styles and terrains.

This awe-inspiring bike features an Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame with genuine mountain bike geometry and a responsive 120 mm air-sprung fork. The heart of the Marlin+ 8 is its Bosch Active Line Plus 50Nm drive system, capable of providing assistance up to 25 km/h. Controlling the bike is a breeze with the user-friendly Purion 200 remote, complete with a built-in display. A powerful 400 Wh Powertube battery ensures sustained performance, letting you travel greater distances with ease.

Whether you're new to electric mountain bikes or a seasoned rider, you'll appreciate the confidence the Marlin+ 8 gives you. Its adaptive AUTO mode recognises speed fluctuations and adjusts assistance automatically to deliver a smooth and consistent assist. Plus, with numerous rack and mudguard mounts, you'll enjoy the flexibility of customising your bike to meet your everyday commuting needs or trail adventures.

Undoubtedly, where the Marlin+ 8 truly shines is its balance between power and subtlety. Its Bosch Active Line Plus mid-power motor delivers a potent 50 Nm of torque, yet its acceleration is controlled, its pedal resistance low and its operation whisper-quiet for a truly seamless ride.

Stay in control with its intuitive, compact handlebar controller that doubles up as a display. And rest assured that, with TREK's high safety standards, solid battery management fail-safe systems, and quality battery cells from tier 1 suppliers, you're always in safe hands.

Gear-up for grander ventures with the PowerMore add-on. This auxiliary battery extends your range, allowing for more supported ride time. Rounding off the Marlin+ 8's comprehensive package is its Shimano Deore gear system. It offers a broad gear range for versatile riding, improved chain stability and sharp, precise shifting, letting you focus squarely on the thrill of the ride.

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