Trek 2025 Marlin+ 6

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We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

Redefine your off-road adventures with the Marlin+ 6 electric mountain bike by TREK. Equipped with the confidence-boosting geometry of the Marlin, it comes supercharged by Bosch's Active Line Plus drive system for added trail-blazing power. Coasting over adverse terrains is effortless, thanks to a 120mm suspension fork which soaks up tough trails, while hard-wearing 9-speed Shimano CUES elevate reliability irrespective of terrain.

If you're seeking a power boost on your trail rides without breaking the bank, the Marlin+ 6 is the ultimate choice. Adore the Marlin's adaptability from trail to town and long for a model that boosts your speed or power for longer rides. Look no further.

Key features include the Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame with true mountain bike geometry and 120 mm coil-sprung fork, the reliable Bosch Active Line Plus drive system capable of up to 25 km/h with a minimalistic Purion 200 built-in display. Dependable hydraulic disc brakes add more control to the ride, while a 9-speed Shimano CUES drivetrain ensures sustainable performance.

Dive into the electric mountain bike world with the Marlin+ 6. The trail-friendly frame provides confident control while the Bosch Active Line Plus motor takes the strain out of tiring climbs.
- Adaptive AUTO mode delivers automated, discerning assistance adjustment
- The Marlin+ 6 is user-friendly with intuitive controls and supportive features, leaving you focused on the ride ahead
- The bike's geometry is fine-tuned for easy handling, whether on adventurous trails or city roads
- Numerous rack and mudguard mounts for customisation, ready for any ride

Experience seamless, silently powerful rides. The Bosch Active Line Plus mid-power motor delivers a smooth 50 Nm of torque accompanied with easy acceleration and low pedal resistance.

Effortless control is at your fingertips with the compact, full-colour handlebar controller. The built-in 2-in-1 remote and display provide all the control you need during your rides.

Safety is at the heart of this bike. High safety standards are met through UL certified e-systems, advanced battery management procedures and premium tier 1 supplier batteries.

Boost your ride duration and broaden your horizons with PowerMore, an add-on feature for the Marlin + 6. This booster battery extends your ride's duration, giving you more time to enjoy your supported ride.

The Shimano CUES is an answer to the call for enduring drivetrain longevity and peak performance. With Shimano's new LINKGLIDE technology, you're guaranteed a significant increase in the lifecycle of parts like the chain, cassette and chainrings. Ride more, worry less with the Marlin+ 6.

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