Trek 2022 Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 5


Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

The Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 5 by TREK is an exceptional bike that combines the lightweight and vibration damping capabilities of a full-carbon frame with performance-oriented, high-quality parts. This model features an impressive 130mm rear and 140mm front FOX suspension, enhanced with upgraded front and rear dampers. The Rapid Drive rear hub and SRAM's latest, wireless electronic drivetrain gives you an immediate power transfer, improving your overall cycling experience.

Ideal for riders who want a versatile bike, this model responds well to any trail conditions. Highlight features include a light and stiff full-carbon frame with internal storage, a RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft shock absorber, a high range 52-tooth climbing gear and powerful 4-piston brakes. Not only that, but the bike is also equipped with an innovative SRAM GX Eagle AXS drivetrain that provides smooth and swift wireless shifting.

The beauty of the Fuel EX 9.8 lies not only in its state-of-the-art technology but also in its thoughtful design. Active Braking Pivot enables our engineers to fine-tune the bike's suspension, allowing it to handle acceleration and braking forces separately. This results in better control and a more confident ride.

The bike also features RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft technology for faster, terrain-responsive shock absorption, and a Straight Shot frame with Knock Block to optimise stiffness-to-weight ratio for an enhanced, responsive ride. Carry your essentials with ease thanks to the internal frame storage, while the curved or straight top tube caters to riders of different heights for optimum standover comfort. Everything about the Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 5 by TREK is crafted towards providing a superior ride experience suitable for all terrains.

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