Shimano PDME700 SPD pedals

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The PDME700 SPD pedals by Shimano are a premium product, providing dual-sided SPD technology that is perfect for both cross country and trail riding. Avid cyclists know how important they are for gaining control and confidence while tackling the most demanding terrains.

One of the biggest advantages of these pedals is their large integrated cage. This unique feature ensures an impressive pedal to shoe contact, significantly improving stability and control during your ride. Whether you're riding on a smooth track or dodging rocks on a mountain trail, these pedals offer the grip and steadiness you need for a safe ride.

Another ideal feature of the Shimano PD-ME700 pedals is their sealed cartridge bearing spindle. This feature not only keeps water and mud out, ensuring a smooth action no matter the weather conditions, but it also adds significant durability to the pedal. You can expect these pedals to outlast regular ones on the market, providing excellent value for money.

The design isn't just about functionality, it's also about practicality. The open design actively helps to shed mud, meaning less cleaning for you and more time enjoying your ride.

Experience the PDME700 SPD pedals for yourself. Check out the video to understand how these pedals could revolutionize your cycling.

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