Trek 2022 Precaliber 20 7-speed


Experience the thrill of exploration on the 2022 Precaliber 20 7-speed bike from TREK. With its lightweight frame and front suspension fork, this durable children’s bike ensures comfortable and exhilarating rides for young adventurers aged between 6 and 8 years.

This top of the line bike champions both comfort and safety. The 7-speed gearing and kid-friendly hand brakes ensure smooth jumps from pavement to trails. The pedal-powered ride is further enhanced with an intuitive twist-shift mechanism, making gear changes seamless during adventures.

Adding to the attractiveness of the Precaliber 20 7-speed is the strong, lightweight aluminium frame, equipped with a kickstand and mounts for a rear rack. Additionally, the saddle comes embedded with an integrated handle which can be replaced with a rear light mount, providing an added layer of safety during family excursions and solo trips.

Investing in quality is never a regret, especially when it concerns your kids. Being a product of TREK, this bike assures long-lasting thrilling rides. This is not only a bike but a heritage that could be passed down to younger siblings making sure the fun never stops.

  • Durable and lightweight aluminium frame
  • Kid-friendly 7-speed gearing and hand brakes
  • Front suspension fork for a smooth ride on all terrains
  • Integrated handle that doubles as a light mount for enhanced safety
  • Quality assured by TREK, a reputed brand in biking