Trek 2022 Precaliber 16


Introducing the Precaliber 16, an exciting and kids-friendly bike from TREK that makes learning to ride both easy and fun. Equipped with a single speed and dual handbrakes, this bike offers beginner-friendly control and allows young riders to grow in confidence. The saddle features an integrated handle, allowing adults to safely guide during early rides, whilst the tool-free training wheels can be attached and removed with ease.

Perfect For Beginners

This children's bike is designed for youngsters keen to begin their biking journey. Engineered for fun and easy use, it's perfect for mastering skills necessary for more advanced biking in the future. Thanks to the top-notch quality and design of TREK, this bike will keep your child safe, confident, and in control.

Key Features

This child-focused bike boasts a lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminium frame, a single gear, and dual handbrakes with child-friendly levers for easy control. It also features easy-to-install training wheels and a saddle with an integrated handle, which can be switched out for an integrated rear light mount.

Our Promise

We believe every child's first bike should come with comfort, durability, and fun. At TREK, every bike we build, regardless of size, follows our highest standards. We guarantee a fully-fledged bike packed with beginner-friendly features.


  1. An easy-to-use single speed offers confidence and control.
  2. The versatile saddle can be replaced with an integrated light mount for increased visibility during family or solo rides.
  3. Lower frame design makes hopping on and off the bike easy for children.
  4. Quality and durability ensure a long product life, perfect for passing down to younger siblings.
  5. You're investing with TREK, an established bike brand renowned for their design and quality.

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