Trek 2021 Marlin 5 Women's


The 2019 Marlin 5 Women's by TREK combines state-of-the-art cycling technology with sleek design to deliver a ride that's smooth, stable, and versatile enough for any terrain. This isn't your typical mountain bike; it's also an optimal choice for everyday commutes, campus rides, or just getting from A to B on any surface.

This feature-packed bike boasts a lightweight aluminium frame with internal shift cable and brake hose routing, contributing to its sleek look while protecting your cables from external damage. With 21 speeds at your fingertips, you'll have a wide range of gearing for tackling big hills, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.

The Marlin 5 Women's truly stands out with its uniquely designed suspension fork. This feature takes the edge off bumps and rough terrains, making for a smoother and more comfortable ride. All these components make it more than just a commuter; they bring out its trail-blazing capability and versatility.

Beyond its trail performance, the Marlin 5 Women’s is a popular choice on college campuses thanks to the convenient rack and kickstand mounts. These allow for easy accessorising and cargo carrying, effectively transforming your mountain bike into a rugged and reliable commuter.

And, as with every TREK bicycle, the Marlin 5 is backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind with every pedal.

From trails to tarmac, the Marlin 5 Women's has you covered. This impressive bike holds true to TREK's mountain biking heritage while opening the doors to versatile everyday cycling. A real mountain bike with commuter capabilities; that's the Marlin 5 Women's difference.

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