Trek 2022 Precaliber 16


We present you with the 2022 Precaliber 16, a simple to use and robust bicycle built for kids from the prestigious brand, 'TREK'. This bicycle is engineered to combine fun, safety, and utility that will ignite the passion for cycling in your child while keeping them safe.

Primed with one speed and two handbrakes, it provides simplicity and control that can bolster confidence in your young rider. The simplistic design emphasises safety and aids in eliminating complexity for the child.

In addition, the Precaliber 16 is equipped with tool-free training wheels for swift installation and removal. It’s also light-weight and robust due to the acclaimed Alpha Silver Aluminium frame, which empowers the bike with longevity and durability.

The innovative design includes an integrated handle in the saddle, which allows you to guide your child while they ride. As your child advances, you also have the option to replace this handle with an integrated rear light mount to boost visibility while they are on their solo adventures. This is a testament to how the bike is designed to grow with your child and adapt to their increasing knowledge of cycling.

Finally, the design considerations are not just about the present. We understand that siblings tend to share things - often, even bicycles. Hence, this bike is crafted keeping in mind a quality that stands the test of time and ensures even the hand-me-downs feel like new.

In a nutshell, the Precaliber 16 from Trek is not just a kids' bike, it's an investment that guarantees joy, confidence as well as value for your child, ensuring their cycling journey starts on the right foot (or pedal).

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