Trek 2022 Precaliber 20


Treat your little adventure seeker to the TRIKE 2022 Precaliber 20, a vibrant and action-filled initiation to their first 'big kid' biking experience. This steadfast model provides a seamless transition from training wheels, armed with a single speed and dual hand brakes for optimum control and bicycle mastery.

Perfect for Your Adventurous Young Rider

If your child is prepared to part ways with their training wheels, and you're in pursuit of a resilient, straightforward, and entertaining bike, then the Precaliber 20 is your ideal pick. Forego generic brands for the elevated quality of a TRIKE bicycle that keeps your child safe, confident, and in absolute control.

Advanced and Child-Friendly Tech Features

Endowed with a featherweight Alpha Silver Aluminium frame and a particularly designed kickstand, the TRIKE Precaliber 20 pedal bike is built with endurance in mind. It boasts kid-friendly levers that are simple to pull, along with a saddle featuring an integral handle that can be replaced with a rear light mount for boosted illumination during family cycling trips or solo rides.

The Ultimate Choice

If your goal is to help your little rider smoothly transition from a small child bike to a larger scale model, the TRIKE Precaliber 20 is by far your most significant choice. It features a basic, high-quality frame that guarantees stability, peace of mind, and boundless cycling fun, whether at a park, in the vicinity of friends, or while exploring local bike paths with family.

Outstanding Bike Features

  1. Built with hand brakes to empower children with confidence in their use before upgrading to a bike with gears...
  2. Features a single-speed setup to instil confidence and support control...
  3. Offers a replaceable saddle-integrated handle for a rear light mount, heightening visibility for both family and solo biking adventures...
  4. Boasts a design with a lower frame for easy stand over and effortless hopping on and off...
  5. TRIKE-designed kids' bikes are assembled by bicycle pros who stand by their products with confidence.

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