Trek 2021 Marlin 6


The 2020 Marlin 6 from the iconic brand TREK is an exceptionally engineered cross-country mountain bike designed to provide an efficient, smooth, and adventurous off-road ride. Combining high-quality components and design ingenuity, the Marlin 6 is ready for the trail but also excels in everyday commuting situations.

Constructed with a lightweight aluminium frame, the Marlin 6 offers inherent durability without compromising on weight. The bike's modern frame features internal shift cable and brake hose routing. This not only adds to the bike's sleek and stylish appearance but also extends the life of your cables by shielding them from external elements.

A standout feature of the Marlin 6 is its efficient 2x8 drivetrain, purpose-built to provide a wide range of gear choices for tackling any terrain. For challenging trail sections, powerful hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power. When you encounter smoother terrain, the suspension fork lockout ensures that no energy is wasted.

Adding to the Marlin 6's versatility is a range of features that transform the bike into a rugged commuter. Convenient rack and kickstand mounts facilitate the attachment of accessories or vital commuting gear. An added advantage for smaller riders is the easily adjustable brake levers, which provide confident braking and better control.

Unique in design, smaller frame sizes of the Marlin 6 feature a curved top tube for lower standover height, making it easier for shorter riders to handle their bike. Bigger frames retain a straight top tube, tailored to suit the form of taller riders.

Despite its competitive price point, the Marlin 6 delivers the same quality you would expect from more expensive bikes, demonstrating TREK's commitment to value and quality. Remember, every TREK bike also benefits from a lifetime warranty, so you can explore with confidence.

From its high-tech design to its versatile performance, the 2020 Marlin 6 excels in every aspect. Catering to every rider, regardless of height, the Marlin 6 embraces TREK's Smart Wheel Size concept, offering the fastest wheel that fits. Enjoy an upgrade on every ride with TREK's Marlin 6.

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