Trek 2021 Procaliber 9.5

From £1,775.00

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We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

Experience the blend of comfort, performance, and endurance with the 2021 Procaliber 9.5, meticulously crafted by TREK. Laden with cutting-edge features and the promise of unmatched durability, this mountain bike is all set to revolutionise your off-road biking experience. Notable for its lightweight carbon hardtail equipped with an innovative IsoSpeed decoupler, Procaliber 9.5 promises a smoother and more efficient ride on singletrack terrains. It sets itself apart with a comprehensive Shimano Deore 1x12 drive train, a formidable RockShox Judy SL fork, and super-fast 29er wheels.But the Procaliber 9.5 isn't just for thrill-seekers. With its solid carbon structure and wallet-friendly price, it is equally appealing to those aiming for serious racing. Unique features such as a Straight Shot downtube offer super-efficient handling without any weight addition, and a Knock Block headset safeguards against spinning bars and fork crowns.The pivotal RockShox fork's Solo Air spring can be adjusted easily to match a specific rider’s weight. It's notably lighter than a coil spring, making your ride effortless and lively.Embrace the revolutionary IsoSpeed technology that effectively dampens the impact of small bumps, minimising trail chatter, and allowing you to stay on the bike longer without sacrificing any pedalling efficiency. Upholding the excellence of the TREK brand, the Procaliber 9.5 employs OCLV Mountain Carbon. Known as the tougher carbon, it combines unique materials, advanced engineering procedures, and rigorous testing for an unmatched performance.Experience the freedom of broader gear choices with the addition of Shimano Deore, specially designed for the steepest climbs, the fastest descents, and the most exhilarating fun rides. Its smooth operation, enhanced chain stability and sharp shifting will boost your confidence on the trail.Kindly note that this bike doesn't come with pedals. This is intended to maximise the enjoyment of your ride by giving you the freedom to choose the pedals that are best suited to your style and biking preferences.Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Procaliber 9.5, the perfect synthesis of speed, strength, and smoothness. Discover the true essence of mountain biking while pushing your own limits.

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